Monday, June 29, 2009


Ana Ivanovic has got her head up and is feeling very confident about her game,eventhough she had a heavy first gane against Lucie Hradecka of the Czech Republic,she feels that she has got a fair chance in her fourth round against the defending champion venus william.If appearences have to be believed anna has a fair chance because venus has had her left leg taped up for the whole week.she has been teasing the press stating that its comfortable and relieved.

She joked"sayin that its the latest fashion and hopes she would wear it hereafter so that no one wil notice it.Its has not affected her performance in any forms of the game,she has swept all three rounds comfortably.The head to head record is 5-1 which is in the favour of venus but this is the just the second time thier meeting on grass courts, The first time was in 2007 semi finals in which venus won ana comfortably.Venus said that she remembers both of them had good exchanges and remembers that she played aggressively,she added that Ana is talented ans this surface will be a good one for her.

Ana has been taking tips from federer as how to go about in grass courts.Ana has kept sayin that she is playin better tennis than ever before,even compared to when she was ranked number 1 in the world,now she has been ranked number 12.she's excited about playing with venus and she likes to go for her first shot.She wants to serve at her her best so that she can put pressure on venus. She feels confident about goin into the match against venus.

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