Sunday, June 7, 2009


Glen Johnson has said that he had a frustrating time playing for chelsea under jose mourinho and he aslo added that it almost destroyed the love for his game.He said, At the start I used to bite my tongue, but I couldn't show what I could do by playing one game in six weeks. Thats no good for anybody,at such a young age.The difference for me is that Portsmouth made me love the game. When I was at Chelsea, I used to tell my teammates that im paid to play football, but football is what I'm doing the least out here.

"They knew my situation bein my mates they felt for me. They were trying to keep my head up to get through it.I was frustrate at Chelsea but Portsmouth brought the love back.Harry Redknapp signed me and asked me to play week in, week out. That was one of the main reasons I signed for Portsmouth.he also addes he had a great bunch of lads down there..

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