Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his team will hope for some miracle to happen today. Team India who have been in the No 1 position are now struggling to get into the Semi finals of the ICC champions trophy. With the sharing of points in the previous game against Australia, India have very little chances of getting into the Semi Finals. India will have chances of getting into the Semi finals only if Pakistan beat Australia and also India should beat West Indies by very big margin. Only if these things happen India will chance of getting into the semi finals.

Today will be a very tensed up day for the Indian skipper and his team has well. On the other hand India are lacking of proper skill set in bowling,Ishant sharma has not proved his work out in the middle. The strike bowler Harbhajan also has not proved himself in this tournament. With the lack of form of certain batsmen has also been the downfall for the team. Anyway throwing everything aside lets hope that some miracle happens and India storms into the Semi final.
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