Sunday, June 7, 2009


One of the most thrilling and exiting finishes in the world of NBA which took the audience to a surprise..all of them watchin the match were in a tensed up state till the end.lets go through the summary of what happened.

Kobe Bryant who scored 29 points which enabled the LA Lakers double their Finals lead after edging out the Orlando Magic 101-96 in overtime.

Pau Gasol added 29 points out of which seven in overtime, and then 10 rebounds for the Lakers which made a key three point play with 74 seconds left in overtime which dreaged thge lead to 97-91.Derek Fisher scored 12 and Lamar Odomadded 19 off the bench for the Lakers who were two wins away from a 15th championship.

Rashered lewis top scored-34 pts.lakers boasted a 38-1 record leadin a series 2-0.Orlandogot a chance to win the contest but after Bryant was stripped from behind by Turkoglu as he was to shot over Howard, the Magic had 0.6 seconds left but rookie Courtney Lee missed a lay up at the buzzer.

AT overtime, Lewis drained a three pointer to trim the lead to 99-96, but Odom converted two free throws as the Lakers completed a run of 14 straight from the line down the stretch to fetch great win.

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