Thursday, June 25, 2009


The world number 2 roger federer has revealed that corruption may be a concern on high level tennis.Roger added that the governing bodies should not show any mercy on the people who act against the rules.Roger said"we dont talk much about this in the locker room but it has happenend more than we talk.If its happeneing or not it has no place in tennis. I'm sure the ATP (Association of Tennis Professional) and the ITF (International Tennis Federation) are trying our thier level best to catch those guys , if any.I think we should have massive bans on people who are doing it so that they wil be really scared of doing it.

There are some funny results here and there but that does not mean its really happeneing.Ive never been approched and i never knew these things were happening until few years ago when i came to know about it and i was shocked.players always want to give thier best and succeed at the end of the day.Players must give thier 100% on the court and must not let thier mind keep worrying about such things which will definetly affect them and thier game.

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