Friday, June 26, 2009


An international study was conducted and it has been found that Messi has been rated more than christiano ronaldo as the most talked about football player in the world.The Economics,sports and intangibles(ESI) study which was conducted recently has revealed that Messsi is the highest profile player in terms of media.Study researches various forms of media factors,sales factors,and economic factors in determining the profile and value of players.

The research this year shows that Messi was the most talked about person in the globe.The goal which was hit by Messy has made him go pastthe potuguse star.However ronaldo has been ranked more than Messi in terms of payment.Messi is slightly on the backfoot regarding the payment.

Regarding the other results are concerned with no surprises United and barcelona are ranked at the top.United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was first in the managers' rankings as well.

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