Monday, June 29, 2009


Last year rafal nadals's victory over roger federer ended federer's five year domination at the all england club and after that, a series of wins took nadal usurp federer and become the world number 1.Mondays french open final rematch between federer and soderling could upset the tennis world even more,only if soderling wins.

Federer has never lost to the swede for the past 10 encounters but soderling knows something about springing back in surprise,entering the final he was the only man ever to beat rafal nadal at raland garros.If asked before paris he is definetly more dangerous on grass than on clay.So he's definetly proven himself and ive not yet thought about the match,I have had success against him in the past but i know its difficult because he is extremely hard.

Soderling said"Its hard to beat rafa on clay and its as tough to beat federer on grass,i have made it once and i definetly feel that it wil be a very tough match.robin is very anxious and excited about the match against federer. Federer is cool and composed and feels that this could be tough match.

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