Saturday, June 26, 2010

Uruguay beat South Korea by 2-1

 Suarez of Uruguay
Uruguay advances to quarter finals in FIFA 2010 World Cup after beating South Korea by 2-1 goal difference. This victory for Uruguay takes its country to quarter finals after the long period of 40 years.

The key player of Uruguay Ajax striker Suarez scored his first goal in the 8th minute of the match. Then after completing the first half, in the second half that is at the 68th minute, Lee Chung-yong of South Korea scored a fantastic head goal and bring back their hopes for this crucial Knock-out match.

Till then, South Korea's ball possession was fantastic but after leveling the score, Uruguay started to take the ball possession immediately and they have did it at the 80th minute. Yes, Uruguay haven taken the corner advantage though they have not scored by this corner, Suarez takes the advantage again and strike the ball towards the goal post.

This goal brings down the hopes of South Korea though they have made best struggling on the field after the 2nd goal of Uruguay. Uruguay after their struggling 40 years, they have reached the Quarter finals by defeating at the Knock-Out match. The match was held at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

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