Friday, June 25, 2010

FIFA World Cup Winners

FIFA World Cup hve started their joueney right from the year 1930. The first edition of FIFA world Cup held at Uruguay. To be surprise, the host country won the first Ever World Cup.

FIFA World Cup winners and their Opponents with goals they had scored are as follows:

Place: Uruguay
Uruguay beat Argentina by 4-2.
Uruguay won the Cup and they had marked their victory to celebrate their 100th year of Independence day.

Italy beat Czechoslovakia by 2-1.
In this FIFA cup, then Defending Champions Uruguay refused to participate in order to take revenge on Italy's absence in the first World Cup.

Italy beat Hungary by 4-2.
Italy once again proved themselves as Champions. That time, dictator Mussolini's message was mistranslated as "Win o die" but the original message was "give it your all, guys".

Place: Brazil
Uruguay beat Brazil by 2-1.

Place: Switzerland
Germany FR beat Hungary by 3-2.
This final was termed as Miracle of Berne when Germany defeated then strong Hungary team. Till then, Hungary had an unbeaten record of 31 matches victory but it was put to an end by the Germany.

Place: Sweden
Brazil beat Sweden by 5-2.
Brazil marked their first World Cup win against Sweden. Pele showed his brillant performace on the field. His first goal in the final match was selected as one of the best goals in the History of World Cup by FIFA.

Place: Chile
Brazil beat Czechoslovakia y 3-1.

Place: England
England beat Germany FR by 4-2.
England won the match when the final clash went to extra time after their scores got level at 2-2.

Place: Mexico
Brazil beat Italy by 4-1.
Brazil won the cup for the third time.

Place: Germany
Germany FR beat Netherlands by 2-1.
New FIFA world Cup trophy went to the Germans.

Place: Argentina
Argentina beat Netherlands by 3-1.
Netherlands got defeated in their second consecutive final.

Place: Spain
Italy beat Germany FR by 3-1.
Italy equalled Brazil's record of winning the cup three times.

Place: Mexico
Argentina beat Germany FR by 3-2.

Place: Italy
Germany beat Argentina by 1-0.
This edition of FIFA world Cup set the lowest goal per game average.

Place: USA
Brazil beat Italy by 3-2(Penalty Shoot-out). The match was draw by 0-0.

Place: France
France beat Brazil by 3-0.

Place: South Korea/Japan
Brazil beat Germany by 2-0.
Brazil won the cup which take them to a record fifth title.

Place: Germany
Italy beat France by 1-1 (5-3 Penalty Shoot-out).

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