Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tendulkar hits first double ton in ODI

Awesome and Fantastic Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar once again reached the Milestone after he reached his double ton in the 2nd ODI against South Africa at Gwalior on Wednesday. This Milestone was really amazing and wonderful. He has the ability to provide joy and unite to the most diverse and secular country like India on earth which leaves people with different sorts of reactions and emotions.

Sachin's 200 run made him to broke the previous record of 194 runs held jointly by Pakistan's Saeed Anwar and Zimbabwe's Charles Coventry. Charles scored 194 against Bangladesh, one of the weakest bowling teams in top class cricket.

A man in his 20th year of cricket getting a double hundred is a special moment. In the end he was running those singles and doubles for the partner at the other end, unlike Saeed Anwar who ran his last 90 runs with a runner.It shows Tendulkar’s commitment. Truly, this was a once-in-a-lifetime innings.

Sachin hits this 200 run remark against the strong South Africa cricket team. Moreover South Africa is strong ion Bowling. The team key player Dale Steyn is rated to be No 1 in the world bowling rankings. But he give up 89 runs in ten overs, in which there was no wicket. Tendulkar scored 37 runs from 31 balls from the balls of Steyn.

Sachin 200 runs made India to seal the series win against South Africa. India won the match by the huge score of 153 runs difference which was once again by this Master Blaster.

After he sets world record of doubl ton, Sachin quotes to reporters!

“I don’t think any record is unbreakable,” Tendulkar told the media. “Records are made to be broken.”

Marvelous Sachin, go Ahead!!!

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