Monday, February 22, 2010

Beyonce, Megan fox top best celebrity body poll

Beyonce Knowles has the best and sexiest body , according to the eyes of British women and according to men, Megan fox was the preferred one when compared to others. The British Women prefers Beyonce for her sexiest and right curves on her body but Transformers actress Megan came into lime light when one in five men slated her to be the sexiest body. If parter permits, then Men are even ready to sleep with this awesome sexiest beauty.

24 percent of the vote among females were gone for this sexy singer which mde her to top the list.

This study is based on nation's perspective on attractiveness which shows that Beyonce is the women with sexiest individual assets. She bags the crown of women's overall hottest body choice. Some 34 percent of men and women accepted that she is the best bum celebrity and some quarter respondents agreed that she had the best legs.

To be more sexy, Beyonce once again topped the list for women with her boobs stating that she had the best celebrity cleavage. But Angelia Jolie and Megan fox came head to head to win over the men in this category by receiving 19 percent of men votes each.

Katie Price was named the least-attractive celebrity and Keira Knightley prettiest. Jennifer Aniston was the one who bags 28 percent votes of men in the category of men like to marry. Jolie bagged only 4 percent of men votes in this category.

The poll was conducted by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on 2,000 people including men and women.
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