Monday, August 24, 2009

Miss Universe 2009

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez won the coveted Miss Universe crown and the country retained their miss universe title. Last year Miss universe 2008 was crowned for the Dayana Mendoza who hails from the same country Venezuela.

In both swim suit and Evening gown categories ,Stefania was winning cheers of the audience as part of the selection of the top 15 finalists. There was joy and excitement on her Stefanía face when she was honoured by the $120,000 crown.

The 18 year beauty's hobbies are enjoying tennis and swimming. Stefanía's win brought Venezuela with six title now stands second at the Miss Universe Pageant, with USA leading with seven.

The top 15 finalists who contested for the Miss Universe crown were from Albania, Australia, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Iceland, Kosovo, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, the US and Venezuela.

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