Wednesday, July 8, 2009


In rural areas internet access was very limited but nowadays internet speed has rapidly increased due to satellites.In those days only dial-up connection was available due to which the speed of the internet was very slow,it took hours to download a file.But now satellites have proven to be very useful,Audio,video file can be downloaded within in rural areas was a big drawback in those days due to the internet speed.people were not able to access the internet when it was needed.Due to that people living in rural areas were not ale to know the things that was happening in the world.satelite internet has a lot of benefit to the people living in rural areas.

Due to this the difference between people in rural areas and people in city have become the same.HugesNet is the no 1 choice for satelite internet service provider in America.It provides high speed net connection to some of the remote areas of north America.It also provides satellite internet to all parts of America.It provides virus protection to keep you safe from any virus.Satellite internet have proved to be very useful for people living in rural areas.Nowadays people have started using satelite internet everywhere and its proved to be useful.

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