Friday, July 10, 2009


The legend of indian cricket Sunil Gavaskar has turned 60 now but his passion for cricket is still the same as when he was 20. In an interview he has answered many questions about cricket and the way the game has been played now.He said'In olden days when i played cricket only male followers were there and were more interested in cricket but nowadays there is a mixed following even women are of all ages are interested in cricket. Nowadays its a rare sight to watch cricketers go up to applaud the opposing team player if he scores a half-century,may be its because cameras have been fitted all over the place.Technique has always not been the key factor in cricket its temperment that has to be there for players to survive.

When asked about all time greats Sunil said'Sachin tendulkar and brain lara are the ones who come to my mind first and then off-course Shane Warne,Muttiah Muralitharan and Wasim Akram are some who also get up there.When Asked about Being a part of Indian Dressing room he said'It was great pleasure to be a part of the Indian Dressing room because its amazing to be with people who go out in the field and give thier best for the country.The most happiest moments have been off field. When I went to Hyderabad in the 1980s and saw Shivlal Yadav's house, Roger's (Binny) , Gundappa's [Viswanath] house gave me a lot of pleasure.But they have not got the endorsements and awards like Kapil Dev and myself received but to tell the truth they were like pillars of indian cricket,we would have not achieved half of what we did without them on the field.

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