Friday, July 10, 2009


Shoaib Akthar thought of sueing Pakistan cricket management for publicly announcing his personal skin ailment which forced him to skip the twenty20 world cup.Pakistan cricket board made a surprising pre-tournament announcement about the nature of Shoaib Akthar's condition when he was removed from twenty20 world cup.Akthar said that he was not happy with the Pakistan cricket board about the frank announcement about his injury,He said that he wanted to sue the pakistan team management but he dint do it because the team moral would get spoilt.

The injury-prone fast bowler played his last test match against India in 2007,He made two unimpressive comebacks this year in the one day series against Sri Lanka and Australia,But the enigmatic fast bowler says that he has three to four years still left in him.Bob Woolmer the previous pakistan coach has advised him to shorten up his run-up so that he can prolong his cricketing career but Akthar dint want to do it.One of my favourite captain is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.A captain must have confidence in his fast bowlers because they are the ones who win matches.Akthar is the fastest bowler in the history of cricket wit a speed of 150(kph).

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