Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Credit Card Shopping

Hi this article is for people who love shopping. Shopping branded and signature items are more fun especially when we know about the characteristics and features about the product. We can even call it as the order of the day and the trend of shopping has slowly but surely hooked up everyone with new technology innovations. The advent of credit cards is one such example which is predominantly in use today. People shop different things right from household items to luxury items. I would like to categorize the people based on their attitude towards shopping in to two ways. Some people just love window shopping and they spent hours and hours in shopping. The other category of people thinks that shopping is a time consuming process and they have an aversion towards traditional shopping. Online shopping is what these people prefer since it is not time consuming and the next big advantage is we can make price comparisons, and then we have a wide variety to choose from.

I would now like to enlighten the benefits of using a credit card either in traditional shopping or even in online shopping. The traditional way how people do traditional shopping is that they carry a huge amount of cash when they need to purchase some costly items like jewelry. Even after they carry huge amount of cash at times there is deficit of funds. Such problems are totally eliminated with the use of credit cards. Some reputed firms give zero percent interest for all purchases made through credit cards for the period of 13 months right from the day when the account was opened. The points system on these cards is big reward for the customers. The annual maintenance fee for usage of these cards is very minimal and some firms even don’t charge. Credit cards can also be used to get short term loans.

I guess now it is time to spread the word of mouth across so that more and more people would get benefited from this.


Marinella said...

According to my friends, credit cards will just put you in debt.

lasik atlanta said...

I agree with the other comment...I feel like credit cards are an easy way to get into debt

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