Monday, April 19, 2010


Ebuzzing is a new medium for bloggers and advertisers to come under one roof. This "ebuzzing" has now launched in the United Kingdom (UK) and it is open for all. It is fully operational and it looks pretty good. It is a great opportunity for bloggers. Bloggers can make money by using this kind of blogger friendly site. Moreover, it is easy and simple to register on If your blog is good enough, then you get your blog approved by them. You can start earning money by simply creating blog content and publishing videos. It is easy to take the opportunities and offers provided by them. There are no restrictions and so you can choose your own offers and you can publish it. This is one way for bloggers to increase their monetisation income without adding additional banner advertising to their sites. Paid posts are comparatively new in Europe although they have been a hit in the United Stated of America for some time.

Two principal formats present in ebuzzing are:

  • Video campaigns (dedicated players and banners)
  • Content creation campaigns – creating branded content

You can monetise on your blog via video campaigns with a dedicated player, video campaigns using “syndicated players” and banners. All campaigns are regarding brands and services which you would want to recommend to your readers. Also doing this sort of sponsored article will show that you have an expertise in the field you are blogging about, and over time you are likely to improve on your blog visits.

Ebuzzing has over 800 advertisers and so they have proposed campaigns to bloggers with the help of ebuzzing such as Coca-Cola, Intel, MTV, L’Oreal, MasterCard, Toyota, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, eBay, Canon, Diesel, Warner Bros, Philips, and Studio Cana. Though ebuzzing requires the presence of the disclaimer “Sponsored Post” for all articles, and for the videos, the name of the advertiser must be placed so that it is visible to all viewers. Every campaign needs a disclaimer link, and all links are no-follow and thus Google is satisfied.

Being in the French Market, now Ebuzzing is ready to create waves in UK market. So what are you waiting for? Just have a look at it and use this fantastic service.

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