Monday, March 22, 2010

Ganguly's Best Catch

IPL Match 17: Mumbai Indians Vs Knight Riders

Ganguly's best catch at the IPL match 3. It was stunning and awesome catch by Dada hit by Tiwary and bowled by Ishant Sharma at the 17th league match of IPL third season. Though Ganguly's Knight Riders lost match to little master's Mumbai Indians, the fantastic catch caught by Ganguly created a strong waves on the field.

Many critics were raised about the Ganguly's(IPL) Performance. But this catch proved that Ganguly is nowhere but still in the cricket fire.

To watch in youtube, just click this link and enjoy the performance of DADA. Ganguly Catch

The IPL Watcher content on cricinfo blog praising Ganguly's catch. Just read it to know the Ganguly's pride.

Keep going Ganguly!!!

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