Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Call back Dravid to Team India: Wasim Akram

Rahul Dravid
Bring back Rahul Dravid for ODI in the Indian team squad! This was the quote given by ace bowler turned Cricket commentator Wasim Akram told reporters today. According to Wasim, there must be senior batsmen in the middle order in order to bring stability to the match.

He told that Rahul Dravid being the senior Batsmen should be placed back to India's ODI team as Rahul has the potential to offer a lot to the country in the 50 over format.

He quoted, "Dravid still has a lot to offer in ODIs. I believe that Dravid should be brought back into the (one-day) team. In the sub-continent, the current batsmen can do well, but on the overseas tours, India need a solid and experienced batsman like Dravid".

Akram also expressed his feelings towards the current bowling line up of Indian team.

The ace cricketer also told that the packed International Schedule has definitely affected the Indian players a lot. Both India and Srilanka playing their series back to back within the time gap of two months. This lead to the players to lose their interest in the contests.

Bring back Dravid atleast for the World Cup!!! All the best Dravid!!!

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