Thursday, May 20, 2010

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The new Yankee Stadium will serve as the home baseball park for the New York Yankees. The new Yankee Stadium will replace and assume the name of the previous Yankee Stadium, built in 1923. The new Yankee Stadium opened on April 3, 2009 when the Yankees host an exhibition game against the Chicago Cubs. The projected total cost of 1.6 billion U.S. dollars makes The New Yankee Stadium the second most expensive stadium ever built after the new Wembley Stadium in London. If you want to enjoy the stadium presence, then go for Yankee stadium tickets at

Turner Field is an another baseball hub and this field is home to Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves since 1997. The demolished field on 1997 was rebuilt across the street from the former home of the Braves, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. This stadium has the seat capacity of 85000 which is amazing in number. Turner Field tickets are some of the hardest tickets to get from many box offices. To buy TURNER FIELD TICKETS, just visit and have fun.

Notre Dame Stadium is the home football stadium for the University of Notre Dame. This stadium is situated on the premises of the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. After renovation made in the year 1997, this stadium got the permanent field lights. This stadium has the seat capacity of around 80000 which is another great in number. To watch out the event of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football, just go to this site and have the NOTRE DAME STADIUM TICKETS. You can watch the event by sitting comfortably in the stadium. Moreover you can avoid rush and tension if you book the tickets online through this professional broker. Have fun.

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