Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tennis and Squash Tournament calls off in Pakistan

A junior tennis tournament scheduled this month in Karachi, Pakistan, was called off by the International Tennis Federation because of security concerns in the wake of the attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team.

Luca Santilli, the ITF manager of junior tennis, said today that the attack that killed six police officers and injured seven Sri Lankan players in Lahore was not the only factor in postponing the March 16-21 tournament.

"It was more the general atmosphere in the country, the general security in the country," said Santilli, adding that the decision was made yesterday and no makeup date has been set.

In addition to this , The Professional Squash Association called off next month's tour event in Pakistan because of the attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team.

The PSA had scheduled a tournament for Islamabad in April, but said yesterday it was postponing the event in the wake of the attack in Lahore.

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